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B & W Nautilus 801 Monitor Loudspeakers

1 Jan, 2000

It's got the looks, it's got the sound and it's got the technical magic.

Serviceman's Log

2 Jan, 2000

They came in two by two

Vintage Radio

3 Jan, 2000

Building a vintage radio replica.

Protel99: Much More Than A PCB Design Tool

4 Jan, 2000

It takes the circuit diagram and lays out the board for you. Also included are circuit simulation and automatic design checking.

Publisher's Letter

5 Jan, 2000

Switch those computers off when not in use.


6 Jan, 2000

Spring Reverberation Module

7 Jan, 2000

Build it and get great concert hall effects for your guitar or keyboard instrument.

An Audio-Video Test Generator

9 Jan, 2000

Use it for testing VCR's, video monitors and the continuity of video cables.

Circuit Notebook

10 Jan, 2000

(1)Battery charging from a 1V or 2V solar panel; (2)TTL decision maker; (3)Paralleling the output of 3-terminal regulators; (4)Buffered virtual ground generator

Parallel Port Interface Card

11 Jan, 2000

A Windows-based program makes this simple I/O card easy to drive.

Product ShowCase

13 Jan, 2000

Off-Hook Indicator For Telephone Lines

14 Jan, 2000

A "busy" indicator to prevent annoying interruptions to internet access.

Build The Picman Programmable Robot

15 Jan, 2000

A PIC microcontroller lets you program in the commands.

Ask Silicon Chip  - 12 Jan, 2000

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