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What's Inside A Furby?

1 May, 2000

A lot of smart electronic, that's what. We peel back the fur and take a peek inside. And if you want to start hacking, there's lots of web sites to look at.


2 May, 2000

Building The Ultra-LD Stero Amplifier: Part Two

3 May, 2000

It fits nicely inside an ATX computer tower case, complete with a fan-cooled tunnel heatsink plus selector switch and volume control.

Build A LED Dice

5 May, 2000

A PIC microcontroller makes the circuit really simple. We tell you how it was designed and show you how to build it.

A Low Cost AT Keyboard Translator

6 May, 2000

This Low-cost project takes the complex scan codes from a PC keyboard and spits out standard ACCII codes. It's just the shot for use with the BASIC stamp and PIC series of microcontrollers but has lots of other uses as well.

Publishers Letter

7 May, 2000

Do-it-yourself amplifiers: a new approach

Serviceman's Log

8 May, 2000

When a fault is not a fault.

50 Amp Model Motor Speed Controller - With Brake

9 May, 2000

It fits in a tiny plastic case, can handle motor currents up to 50A and is compatible with existing radio control gear.

Vintage Radio

10 May, 2000

Making the obsolete useful again.

Dolby Headphone: Five Channels Of Surround Sound

11 May, 2000

Just how do you get five channels from normal stero headphones? An Australian Company, Lake Technology LTD, made it happen.

Ask Silicon Chip  - 4 May, 2000

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