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Say Bye-Bye To Your 12V Car Battery

1 Jul, 2000

The days of 12 volt systems and conventional air-cooled alternators for cars are numbered. Radical changes are just around the corner!

Review: Motech MT-4080A LCR Meter

2 Jul, 2000

Versatile instrument can also check a raft of parameters, including Quality factor, phase angle, dissipation factor and ESR.

Review ADEM Compac II Security System

3 Jul, 2000

Is there an intruder on your premises? This clever system lets you know then lets you listen in.

A Home Satellite TV System For Less Than 50 Bucks

4 Jul, 2000

Tune into TV signals on the Optus B1 satellite with this surplus gear. $50 buys you all the bits.

A Moving Message Display

5 Jul, 2000

It's easy to build, easy to program, easy on the pocket and easy on the eye.

Compact Fluorescent Lamp Driver

6 Jul, 2000

Operates from a 12V DC supply and can drive up to four 9W CFLs at full brightness. Use it as part of a solar power installation or anywhere you require good lighting without mains power.

El-Cheapo Musicians' Lead Tester

7 Jul, 2000

Checking leads is a snap with this handy tester.

Li'l PowerHouse Switchmode Power Supply; Pt.2

8 Jul, 2000

Second article has all the construction details. And we've improved the output filtering for even better performance.

Serviceman's Log

9 Jul, 2000

Big is not always beautiful

Vintage Radio

10 Jul, 2000

The AWA P1 portable 11-inch B/W television set

Publisher's Letter

11 Jul, 2000

42V electrical systems in cars

Mailbag  - 12 Jul, 2000

Ask Silicon Chip  - 13 Jul, 2000

Circuit Notebook  - 14 Jul, 2000

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