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Drive By Wire: Electronic Throttle Control; Part One

1 Aug, 2000

The direct link between the drivers foot and the throttle position is about to be broken.

Build A Theremin For A Really Eerie Sound

3 Aug, 2000

You wave your hands around mysteriously to play it.

Serviceman's Log

5 Aug, 2000

It doesnt pay to be too smug.

CircuitMaker 2000 Virtual Electronics Lab

8 Aug, 2000

A versatile circuit design and simulation package.

Loudspeaker Protector And Fan Controller

10 Aug, 2000

Install it in the Ultra-LD Amplifier and protect your speakers against output stage faults. The fan control is a bonus.

Proximity Switch For 240VAC Lamps

12 Aug, 2000

Just wave your hand near it to turn the light on or off.

Structured Cabling and The Krone MiniLAN

14 Aug, 2000

Changing your network cabling doesn't have to be a hassle. With a Krone MiniLAN system, it's as easy as 1-2-3!

Come in Spinner

18 Aug, 2000

No, its not our version of Two-Up! Instead, you spin it and it writes messages in thin air.

Vintage Radio

20 Aug, 2000

The Astor RQ - the Lady's Handbag Radio


22 Aug, 2000

Ask Silicon Chip  - 21 Aug, 2000

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