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Pic Toc - A Simple Digital Alarm Clock

4 Jul, 2001

What Has less than 20 parts and can wake you in the morning? It's the Pic-Toc alarm clock and it's really easy to build.

A Fast Universal Battery Charger: Part 2

6 Jul, 2001

Second article has all the constuction details. This unit will solve all your charging problems once and for all.

Tektronix TDS3014 Colour Oscilloscope

8 Jul, 2001

It fits in a shoebox yet boasts an impressive range of featues including a colour LCD, an inbuilt disk drive and a printer port

Publisher's Letter

10 Jul, 2001

The Electric Wiring Debate - have your sent in your "Statement of Will"!?

A PC To Die For: Part 2 - You Can Build It Yourself

14 Jul, 2001

Partitioning and formatting the hard disk drive, installing the operating system and sqashing the bugs

Digital Amplifiers are Here!

16 Jul, 2001

The wiring is on the wall for analog audio amplifiers. A new breed of digital audio power amplifiers is about to take over and they offer lots of benefits.

Backing Up Your Email

18 Jul, 2001

Backing up your email, DOS for Windows Me, HyperTerminal update and making a quick exit from Windows 98.

"Do Not Disturb" Telephone Timer

20 Jul, 2001

It takes your phone off the hook and automatically hangs up again after a preset time. A LED indicates when the phone is off the hook.

Vintage Radio

24 Jul, 2001

How to Repair Bakelite cabinets

The HeartMate Heart Monitor

26 Jul, 2001

Build it and keep tabs on your ticker. It's just a shot for monitoring your heart rate during exercise, so you dont overdo it.

Mailbag  - 2 Jul, 2001

Ask Silicon Chip  - 12 Jul, 2001

Serviceman's Log  - 22 Jul, 2001

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