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Telephone Call Logger

1 Dec, 2001

It logs all outgoing calls and can download the data via your PC's serial port to an Excel spreadsheet.

Is there a HYBRID in your future

2 Dec, 2001

Toyota's Prius and Honda's insight hybrid petrol/electric cars are here now. We drove the Prius and came away impressed.

Windows XP: What's in it For You

4 Dec, 2001

Say goodbye to Win98/Me system crashes. Microsoft has released a unified operating system that's based on the Windows NT/2000 core and includes full multimedia support.

Build A PC Infrared Transceiver

5 Dec, 2001

Add infrared capability to your PC for peanuts.

Building the Ultra-LD 2x100W Stereo Amplifier

6 Dec, 2001

Pt.2; Building the preamplifier, RCA input and power amplifier modules, plus all the performance details.

Pardy Lights: An Intriguing Colour Display

7 Dec, 2001

OK, so they're really "party" lights. They're easy to build and produce random colour patterns to the bass beat from your music.

PIC Fun And Games

9 Dec, 2001

Want to get in to microcontrollers? Here's an easy, low-cost way.

Vintage Radio

12 Dec, 2001

Test instruments for vintage radio restoration, Pt.2

Serviceman's Log  - 1 Dec, 2001

Ask Silicon Chip  - 1 Dec, 2001

Circuit Notebook  - 2 Dec, 2001

Publisher's Letter  - 3 Dec, 2001

Mailbag  - 14 Dec, 2001

Notes & Errata for Projects Published in Silicon Chip 2001  - 31 Dec, 2001

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