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100W RMS/Channel Stereo Amplifier - Part 3

2 Jan, 2002

Final article covers the assembly of the remaining modules and includes the full wiring and setting up details.

Circuit Notebook

6 Jan, 2002

A Cheap 'n' Easy Motorbike Alarm

8 Jan, 2002

It's simple to build, can be fitted to almost any bike and is very easy to operate. It's armed and disarmed with the ignition key.

Electric Power Steering

10 Jan, 2002

Say goodbye to hydraulic pumps and hoses in your car. Electric power steering in on the way with lots of fancy new features .

Computer Tips

12 Jan, 2002

FAQ's on the MP3 Jukebox player.

Computer Troubleshooting

14 Jan, 2002

Tracking down software problems: a step-by-step approach.

Touch And/Or Remote Controlled Light Dimmer

18 Jan, 2002

Old-fashioned light dimmers with knobs are passe! This one dims up or down at a touch or you can use an infared remote control.

Vintage Radio

20 Jan, 2002

Phillips Philetta vs the Titan Tiny.

Build A Raucous Alarm

22 Jan, 2002

It sounds so dreadful, that you cannot ignore it. And It only uses two ICs.

Segway - A Revolutionary Powered Scooter

24 Jan, 2002

Inbuilt gyroscopes keep this amazing new scooter upright. Lean forward and it goes forward; lean backwards and it goes backwards.

Ask Silicon Chip  - 4 Jan, 2002

Mailbag  - 16 Jan, 2002

Serviceman's Log  - 26 Jan, 2002

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