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10-Channel IR Remote Control Receiver

1 Feb, 2002

It works with commercial IR remote transmitters and is a snack to build. The channels can be wired for momentary or toggle operation.

Circuit Notebook

5 Feb, 2002

Electronic Braking Control In Cars

7 Feb, 2002

You will no longer have direct control over your car's brakes. This new braking system even dries out the brakes if they get wet.

A 2.4GHz High-Power Audio-Video Link

9 Feb, 2002

Forget about flea power A-V links. This one has an output of 0.5W for a range of about 200 meters using simple "whip" antennas.

Steel Mini Mills: A Recycling Success Story

13 Feb, 2002

There's a lot of interesting technology inside a steel mini mill. Here's a look at how the work.

Look Ma - No Keyboard

15 Feb, 2002

Want to boot a PC without a keyboard, regardless of BIOS settings? Here's a dummy keyboard you can hide inside the system case.

4-Way Event/Race Anything Timer

19 Feb, 2002

It's based on a PIC microcontroller and can time up to four seperate events. You can even get infrared sensors to start and stop the timing.

Touch And/Or Remote Controlled Light Dimmer - Part 2

21 Feb, 2002

Completing the construction and building the touchplate and pushbutton dimmer extensions.

Vintage Radio

23 Feb, 2002

The Diason P.P. 32/6 DC receiver.

Ask Silicon Chip  - 3 Feb, 2002

Mailbag  - 11 Feb, 2002

Serviceman's Log  - 17 Feb, 2002

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