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Build A Water Level Indicator

1 Apr, 2002

Low-cost circuit lights a LED bargraph to indicate the level in a rainwater tank.

How To Get Into Avionics

5 Apr, 2002

Working with the aircraft electronics is a fascinating career but how do you get started in it?

Better Cooling Systems For Car Engines

7 Apr, 2002

New thermal management systems will replace traditional radiators and coolant pumps.

Circuit Notebook

9 Apr, 2002

Automatic Single-Channel Light Dimmer

13 Apr, 2002

It's fully automatic, has a host of features and will drive incandescent lamp loads up to 2400W.

At Last - An Easy Way To Make Pro Panels

15 Apr, 2002

One-off panels and labels have been a problem for years. Now a new process makes it easy.

Versatile Multi-Mode Timer

17 Apr, 2002

Versatile timer is based on an Atmel microcontroller and has seven different operating modes.

Easy-To-Build Bench Power Supply

19 Apr, 2002

It runs from a 9VAC plugback and offers six fixed dual-polarity DC voltages from 3V to 15V.

6-Channel IR Remote Volume Control - Part 2

21 Apr, 2002

Secomd article completes the construction.

Vintage Radio

25 Apr, 2002

The AWA 719C 7-band console; PT.2.

Ask Silicon Chip  - 3 Apr, 2002

Computer Tips  - 11 Apr, 2002

Serviceman's Log  - 23 Apr, 2002

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