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Circuit Notebook

3 Dec, 2002

(1) Traffic Lights for Model Cars Or Railways; (2) LED Torch Uses Blocking Oscillator; (3) AFX Slot Car Lap Counter; (4) Simple BFO Metal Locator; (5) Capacitor Leakage Adapter For DMMs; (6) Simple AM Radio Receiver.

Build The Decision Maker

5 Dec, 2002

Can't make up your mind? Build this simple unit for an emphatic answer when ever indecision strikes.

A Windows-Based EPROM Programmer - Part 2

7 Dec, 2002

Second article gives the full assembly details & describes how to check the programmer's basic hardware operation.

The Hong Kong Trade Show Report

9 Dec, 2002

An enormous show with over 2600 exhibitors.

Using Linux To Share An Optus Cable Modem - Part 2

11 Dec, 2002

Installing a name server (DNS) & a DHCP server.

Vintage Radio

15 Dec, 2002

Intermediate Frequency (IF) amplifiers; PT.1

The Micromitter Stereo FM Transmitter

17 Dec, 2002

At last!- a stereo FM transmitter that's a snack to align.

Review : GW Insteck GRS-6032 Digital Storage Scope

20 Dec, 2002

Interesting design combines a 30Mhz dual-trace analog CRT readout with digital storage.

Receiving TV From International Satellites

23 Dec, 2002

With the right gear, you too can watch international satellite TV. Here's a look at what's required & the programs available.

SuperCharger For NiCd & NiMH Batteries - Part 2

25 Dec, 2002

Completing construction and learning how to drive the new SuperCharger.There's also a handy table of beep error codes.

Simple VHF FM/AM Radio.

27 Dec, 2002

Looking for an ideal first project? Try your hand at this simple radio.

Ask Silicon Chip  - 1 Dec, 2002

Mailbag  - 13 Dec, 2002

Notes & Errata for Projects Published in Silicon Chip 2002  - 31 Dec, 2002

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