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More Fun With the PICAXE: A Shop Door Minder

1 Mar, 2003

Part 2 of the series shows you how to build a "Shop Door Minder...With Attitude".

LED Lighting For Your Car

3 Mar, 2003

Replace your car's filament lamps with LED's for improved safety. There are several designs to build, all using high- brightness LED's.

Review:Canon's Image Stabilised Binoculars

7 Mar, 2003

Whether you're into bird watching or astronomy (or anything else), these image-stabalised binoculars will get rid of the shakes.

Circuit Notebook

9 Mar, 2003

(1) Automatic Headlight Switch; (2) Simple Universal PIC Programmer; (3) Bat Detector Picks Up Ultra Sound; (4) Junkbox-Parts Over Timer.

A Look at Emergency Beacons

11 Mar, 2003

An emergency beacon could save your life. Here's a run down on the various types that are avaliable and how they work

GM's Hy-Wire Fuel-Cell Car

13 Mar, 2003

World-first concept car from GM combines a hydrogen fuel-cell power plant with drive "by wire" technology. And just look at the styling!

PortaPAL Public Address System - Part 2

15 Mar, 2003

Here's the good oil on putting it together and getting it to work. We even describe an easy way to build a box.

The Little Dynamite Subwoofer.

19 Mar, 2003

Build this compact subwoofer for very little money. Its ideal for use in a car or home unit.

SuperCharger Addendum

21 Mar, 2003

Did you build the SuperCharger decribed in Nov/Dec 2002. If so, you need this simple 2-transistor add-on board.

Vintage Radio

24 Mar, 2003

Antenna's and earthing systems for crystal sets.

Peltier-Effect Tinnie Cooler

28 Mar, 2003

Its Based on a peltier-effect module fitted with a fan-cooled heatsink. You just install it in a 6-pack Esky to keep your tinnies cool

Ask Silicon Chip  - 5 Mar, 2003

Serviceman's Log  - 17 Mar, 2003

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