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The Brightest White LED's On Earth

8 May, 2003

So you think the latest 5mm white LED's are bright? Well, you "ain't seen nothing" until you've seen these.

Motherboard Capacitor Problem Blows Up

11 May, 2003

Faulty electrolytic capacitors could be a ticking time-bomb in your PC. Here's how to identify the problem.

WidgyBox - A Guitar Distortion Effects Unit

13 May, 2003

Plug into to those great guitar sounds with this unit.It's cheap, easy to build and can be run from a 9V battery or pugpack supply.

Vintage Radio

15 May, 2003

The HMV C43B Console radio.

Printer Port Hardware Simulator

18 May, 2003

Simple circuit let's you test printers or other hardware that connects to a PC's parallel port without the need for a PC or software.

More Fun With The PICAXE - Part 4: Motor Controller

20 May, 2003

A Few changes to PICAXE's output circuit and some new code are all thats required to build an effective motor controller.

HID Car Headlights - How They Work

23 May, 2003

High-intensity-discharge (HID) headlights are now finding their way into many up-market cars. Here's a look at how they work.

The Big Blast Subwoofer

28 May, 2003

Easy-To-Build unit offers thunderous bass, can handle up to 250W RMS and is built into a compact enclosure.

Low Cost 1HZ 10MHz Function Generator

30 May, 2003

Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) makes it very easy to design a low-cost, high-performance function generator - one of the handiest pieces of test gear you can have. This one can be set to any specific frequency between 1Hz and 10MHz and offers both sine and square wave output.

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