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Updating the PIC Programmer and Checkerboard

7 Jul, 2003

Here's how to use it with Windows 2000/XP and PCs running faster than 1GHz.

Circuit Notebook

8 Jul, 2003

(1)Infared Remote Receiver Has Four Outputs;(2) Wide-Range Inductance Meter;(3) Simple Circuit Charges Up To 12 Nidcads; (4)Simple Knock Alarm With Piezo Sensor; (5) Gym agility Stratergy Game; (6)Adding A 100V Line Transformer To The SC480 Amplifier Module.

A Programmable Continuity Tester

15 Jul, 2003

Easy-to-build unit lets you set the continuity "pass" threshold to anywhere between 1Ω and 100Ω. It makes an Ideal go/no-go tester.

Vintage Radio

15 Jul, 2003

Smart Card Reader and Programmer

15 Jul, 2003

RFID Tags - How They Work

17 Jul, 2003

RF ID tags are set to replace barcode labelling systems and could even be used to identify people. Here's how they work.

A 'Smart' Slave Flash Trigger

18 Jul, 2003

Does your camera's flash operate in red-eye reduction (multiple flash) mode only? This clever unit counts the number of "pre-flashes" before triggering a slave flash unit.

Solar Power for Caravans and Motor-Homes

21 Jul, 2003

Want to go solar when you go bush? Heres how to avoid the traps.

The PICAXE Part 6 - Data Communications

21 Jul, 2003

PICAXEs can actually talk to each via a piece of wet string (but you might want to use wire.)

PowerUp: Turns Peripherals on Automatically

25 Jul, 2003

Tired of flicking multiple power switches to turn on your PC or stereo System? Build this circuit and you'll only have to flick one switch.

Serviceman's Log  - 5 Jul, 2003

Mailbag  - 10 Jul, 2003

Ask Silicon Chip  - 15 Jul, 2003

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