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Robot Wars

3 Sep, 2003

The Tech sport of the new millenium.

Portable PIC Programmer

6 Sep, 2003

It's portable!

Current Clamp Meter Adaptor for DMMs

12 Sep, 2003

Looking for a current clamp meter that won't break the bank?

Very Bright, Very Cheap Krypton Bike Light

14 Sep, 2003

Be seen at night with this fantastically effective bike headlight. Its cheap to build and can run from a variety of power supplies

Circuit Notebook

18 Sep, 2003

"Safe" Oscillator For Watch Crystals
Internal Resistance Tester For Batteries
Pendulum-Controlled Clock
Super Light Sensor Circuit
LED Lighting For Dual-Filament Lamps

Digital Instrument Display for Cars - Part 2

21 Sep, 2003

Based on a PIC microcontroller, this simple project lets you convert the analog instruments in your car to a digital display. It's suitable for use with fuel gauges, oil pressure gauges and temperature gauges, and even features an alarm output.

New Technologies in Automotive Lighting

24 Sep, 2003

Automotive lighting systems are about to undergo a revolution...

The PICAXE Part 8 - A Datalogger and Sending it to Sleep

26 Sep, 2003

To sleep, perchance to dream (or nap)...(and PICAXE datalogging too!)

Vintage Radio

28 Sep, 2003

Vibrators: the death knell of heavy, expensive dry batteries - Part 1

Serviceman's Log  - 10 Sep, 2003

Mailbag  - 16 Sep, 2003

Ask Silicon Chip  - 30 Sep, 2003

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