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Vintage Radio

2 Mar, 2004

The little 1934 Astor Mickey

Never buy another 9V battery

8 Mar, 2004

Don't buy expensive, short-lived 9V batteries. This little DC-DC converter is adjustable and lets you use two AA, C or D-size cells instead.

Picaxe-18X 4-channel datalogger

10 Mar, 2004

Pt.3: adding a humidity sensor, more memory & a liquid crystal display

ESR Meter Mk.2

11 Mar, 2004

Forget about capcitance meters; an ESR meter is the way to go when it comes to identifying faulty electros.

Hands-On PC Board Design For Beginners; Pt.2

15 Mar, 2004

Using the basic features of Autotrax and creating a simple PC board design. There's also info on creating your own component libraries.

White LED Driver

17 Mar, 2004

Efficient circuit runs off 12V and drives up to 30 white LEDs. It can even switch on automatically when darkness falls.

Review: Escort 3146A Bench Top Multimeter

19 Mar, 2004

High-spec unit boasts 5-½ digits.

Put it on the BUS!

22 Mar, 2004

Flash! Is the Zip Disk dead?

Increase your driving safety with Quick Brake

24 Mar, 2004

Simple project turns your brake lights on faster than you could ever apply them, to reduce rear-end shunts.

Hawk-Eye: The Coming Revolution in Sport?

26 Mar, 2004

How fair was that LBW decision? Would the ball really have hit the stumps? Was that fast serve in or out? Hawk-Eye removes the doubt.


29 Mar, 2004

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