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Publisher's Letter

1 Jul, 2004

Standby power is a large hidden cost

D-I-Y remote control for a model train layout.

5 Jul, 2004

All you need is a picaxe, some code and a pair of pre-built UHF modules (plus a few minor parts.

Circuit Notebook

7 Jul, 2004

(1)Using DR Video MK2 To process NTSC Video; (2) Room Recorder (Simple Microphone Preamp); (3)An Accurate Reaction Timer; (4)Picaxe-Based Cable Tester;(5) How To Connect Two PC's Using Modems; (6)Picaxe Code Stops False Triggering; (7)Stepper Motor Controller.

Serviceman's Log

9 Jul, 2004

Variety is the spice of life.

Appliance Energy Meter, Pt.1

11 Jul, 2004

Want to know how much electricity appliances in your house are using and how much they cost to run.Build this Energy Meter and find out.

Review: BeeProg Universal Programmer

15 Jul, 2004

Looking for an all-in-one professional programmer? This unit can program 12,080 unique devices, with more being added monthly!

Vintage Radio

17 Jul, 2004

Meet a designer of the legendary WS122 transceiver.

A Poor Man's Q Meter

21 Jul, 2004

Simple circuit mates with an RF signal generator and multimeter for quick-and-easy "Q" and inductance measurements.

Restoring Old Dials, Front Panels and Labels

23 Jul, 2004

You can use your PC to create vintage replicas of dials, panel and labels. All you need is the right software and a little know-how.

Silencing A Noisy Beast

26 Jul, 2004

Don't bleat about a noisy PC. Here's what to do so that you can enjoy THE SILENCE OF THE FANS!

Versatile Micropower Battery Protector

27 Jul, 2004

Protect your expensive batteries from discharge damage with this mini-sized electronic cutout switch. It uses virtually no power and can be built to suit a wide range of battery voltages.

Regulated High-Voltage Supply For Valve Amplifiers

28 Jul, 2004

How to modify a surplus PC power supply to produce a 700V or 400V high-voltage rail.


29 Jul, 2004

Ask Silicon Chip  - 13 Jul, 2004

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