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Publisher's Letter

1 Sep, 2004

High voltage warnings err on the side of caution

Bed Wetting Alert

3 Sep, 2004

Keep the tide out with this effective bed wetting alarm. You just add some circuitry to Jaycar's "Secret Farter" and make a sensor.

Programmable Robot

9 Sep, 2004

Here's a great school project! This robot features full manoeuvrability, speed control, bump-and-respond logic and programmable sound and light sensing. Turn it loose and watch it head for the light.

You've Had Your Fun - Now Make A Doorbell

10 Sep, 2004

OK, you've shocked Aunt Martha and embarrassed your granny with your fiendish Secret Farter. Now turn it into a useful doorbell.

Vintage Radio

12 Sep, 2004

This little nipper was a dog

Circuit Notebook

14 Sep, 2004

(1)USB-Powered PIC Programmer; (2)Economical Desk Lamp for camping;(3)Quartz Clock Flasher Protects Equipment; (4)Two Switches Share One Pin; (5) Multi-Level Lock System; (6) PICAXE-Controlled Battery Charger

PICAXE the Red-Nosed Reindeer

16 Sep, 2004

It's based on the new PICAXE-08M chip, flashes its nose and eyes and plays popular Christmas tunes and mobile phone ring tones!

Serviceman's Log

18 Sep, 2004

You have to be versatile in this game

Oh no! Not Another CFL Inverter . . .

20 Sep, 2004

Yep another one but this one's really simple. Its powered from 12V and is just the shot for running multiple compact flourescent lights (CFLs) or even a small colour TV set.

How to call long distance FREE or P2P VoIP For Beginners

22 Sep, 2004

A Computer, an internet connection and a headste or "netphone" are all you need to make long distance phone calls for free.

Product Showcase

24 Sep, 2004

WiFry: Cooking up 2.4 GHz Antennas

28 Sep, 2004

Turn a $10 cooking scoop into a high-performance WiFi antenna for extended signal range.


30 Sep, 2004

Ask Silicon Chip  - 5 Sep, 2004

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