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Look Mum: No Wires

1 Nov, 2004

Want to go anywhere... without waiting for ADSL or Cable connection?

The New Era in Car Electrical Systems

3 Nov, 2004

The first cars using 42V batteries are now being released. Find out what's behind the move to higher voltages.

Publisher's Letter

8 Nov, 2004

Fixed line phones no longer a necessity

SMS Controller, Part 2

9 Nov, 2004

Second article tells you how to complete the circuit checks and describes how the unit is used.

The Driveway Sentry

12 Nov, 2004

Detect vechicles coming down yur driveway and automatically open gates or sound alarm with this reliable unit. It works justlike the detectors used for traffic- lights.

Serviceman's Log

15 Nov, 2004

It's time I bought a new TV set!

USB-Controlled Power Switch

16 Nov, 2004

Build this and automatically power up all your PC's peripherals when you start the computer. It works via the PC's USB port.

PICAXE Infrared Remote Control

18 Nov, 2004

Here's how to add infrared remote control to all your PICAXE-08M projects (including Rudolph)


23 Nov, 2004

Vintage Radio

24 Nov, 2004

Those troublesome capacitors, Part 2

Product Showcase

27 Nov, 2004

A Charger For Deep-Cycle 12V Batteries, Pt.1

29 Nov, 2004

Thats not a charger...this is a charger! If you want to change deep-cycle 12V batteries correctly, this 16.6A unit is the way to go.

Emergency Power When All Else Fails

30 Nov, 2004

Is this one of Stan's wind-ups? You'd better believe it...just wind the handle for some emergency battery charging.

Circuit Notebook

30 Nov, 2004

Interesting circuit ideas which we have checked but not built and tested. Contributions from readers are welcome and will be paid for at standard rates.

Ask Silicon Chip  - 26 Nov, 2004

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