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Publisher's Letter

8 Jun, 2005

Photocopying is a huge cost to SILICON CHIP


10 Jun, 2005

Looking at Laptops

12 Jun, 2005

What you get for your money in 2005!

The Mesmeriser

21 Jun, 2005

A LED clock with a difference

Getting Into WiFi, Part 2

22 Jun, 2005

Setting up an ad-hoc wireless network

The Coolmaster Fridge/Freezer Temperature Controller

23 Jun, 2005

Turn a fridge into a wine chiller! Or turn a freezer into a fridge! And save $$$$? That's COOL!

Alternative Power Regulator

25 Jun, 2005

Here's a cheap, simple shunt regulator that's ideal for use with alternative power generation systems, whether they be wind, solar, hydro . . . you name it. It will prevent your batteries from being cooked by over-charging and can even assist with hot water or other heating.

Serviceman's Log

27 Jun, 2005

Every storm has a silver lining

Vintage Radio

29 Jun, 2005

Signal generators - what they are and how to fix them

PICAXE Colour Recognition System

29 Jun, 2005

Use a PICAXE micro and a state-of-the-art optoelectronic IC to create this low-cost colour recognition system.

Getting into WiFi, Pt. 2

30 Jun, 2005

With WiFi hardware prices way down and Windows XP virtually doing it all for you, there's no excuse not to set up a wireless network at home or in the office. The simplest network of all is the ad-hoc network.

PICAXE in Schools - Part 2

30 Jun, 2005

Writing programs that respond to input signals

AVR200 Single Board Computer Part 1

30 Jun, 2005

Professional engineers, students and hobbyists alike will appreciate this low-cost, high-performance development board from JED Microprocessors.

Circuit Notebook  - 29 Jun, 2005

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