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Publisher's Letter

4 Sep, 2005

Do-it-yourself seismograph a great project for schools

Adaptive Cruise Control Systems

6 Sep, 2005

Smart cruise controls are on the way. This new unit uses radar to maintain a safe distance to the car in front, even if its speed changes

We test iBurst Mobile Broadband

8 Sep, 2005

We looked at Unwired a year ago. Now we look at the opposition!

VoIP Analog Phone Adaptor

10 Sep, 2005

A $20 project that mates with your sound card and lets you use any old phone for voice over internet to save a fortune on phone calls

Bilge Sniffer

12 Sep, 2005

Minimise the risk of boating explosions

Getting the most from your digital camera card

14 Sep, 2005

Hints and tips from the people who invented them

Salvage It!

16 Sep, 2005

Scrounging & using shortwave radios

Bulid Your Seismograph

18 Sep, 2005

A Horizontal pendulum detects the earthquake waves, a PICAXE-based circuitcrunches the data and a PC displays the results.

PICAXE in Schools, Pt. 4

20 Sep, 2005

Making things move... controlling motors, solanoids and ever R/C servos.

Serviceman's Log

22 Sep, 2005

Oh, Goodie - A VCR To Fix

Vintage Radio

24 Sep, 2005

The Sprague 500 multi-band receiver


26 Sep, 2005


30 Sep, 2005

A 20-watt/channel class A2 triode amplifier

Ask Silicon Chip  - 2 Sep, 2005

Circuit Notebook  - 28 Sep, 2005

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