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Aquarium Temperature Alarm

1 Sep, 2006

Don't let your tropical fish freeze or fry to death. This programmable circuit warns of out-of-range temperature conditions

Vintage Radio

3 Sep, 2006

The Admiral 5BW mantel receiver

Thomas Alva Edison - Genius

6 Sep, 2006

The fascinating story of an inventive genius

Publisher's Letter

7 Sep, 2006

Australia's energy policies should rely heavily on natural gas

LP's TO CD's

8 Sep, 2006

Want to transfer your old LP's or 78 records to CD or MP3 format? Here's how to go about it and get rid of surface noise in the process.

Serviceman's Log

13 Sep, 2006

Warranty: true lies & confessions

Salvage It

15 Sep, 2006

The Good Bits In Old Receivers

'Wachit' - it turns a VCR into a Security Recorder

17 Sep, 2006

Connet this video motion detector between a camera and a VCR for all sorts of security and monitoring applications

Galactic Voice

19 Sep, 2006

Build this "voice bender" for instant rapport with all those aliens your likely to meet in the far reaches of the universe.

Turn an old XBox into a $200 Multimedia Player

21 Sep, 2006

PICAXE Net Server - Pt.1

30 Sep, 2006

Control your next electronics project from virtually anywhere on the planet using the Internet and a tiny web server - the PICAXE Net Server!

S-video to composite video converter

30 Sep, 2006

Some digital TV set-top boxes provide only S-video and component video outputs, which can pose a problem if your TV set only has a composite video input - or you've used up the S-video and component video inputs. The same can happen with video tuner cards for PCs. Here's an easy-to-build adapter to get you out of trouble.

Ask Silicon Chip  - 11 Sep, 2006

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