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Publisher's Letter

1 Oct, 2006

Science teachers should stick to the truth


3 Oct, 2006

Thomas Alva Edison - Genius, Pt.2

5 Oct, 2006

This month marks the 75th anniversary of Edison's death. While his genius was recognised during his lifetime, it's only since his passing that the magnitude of that genius started to become appreciated.

Serviceman's Log

9 Oct, 2006

When is a bargain not a bargain? When it causes you grief, that's when. Unfortunately, I sometimes just cannot resist the temptation to buy stuff - even when it isn't working.

LED Tachometer With Dual Displays, Pt.1

11 Oct, 2006

A responsive and accurate tachometer is essential for motoring enthusiasts. This new unit features a bright 4-digit display plus a 32-LED circular bargraph. The LED bargraph responds rapidly to changes in RPM while the digital display shows accurate RPM readings with a steady throttle.

Salvage it

12 Oct, 2006

The traditional bicycle alternator or "dynamo" is not very effective. Here's how to turn a salvaged stepper motor into a high-power alternator for really effective lighting, even at low speed.

Review: Merlin Broadcast Quality Audio Mixer

13 Oct, 2006

A broadcast-quality unit designed for schools, colleges, training and even community radio stations

UHF Prescaler For Frequency Counters

14 Oct, 2006

Here's a high speed prescaler which can extend the range of virtually any frequency counter to over 2.8GHz. It divides frequencies by exactly 1000, so gigahertz can be read directly in megahertz.

PICAXE Net Server - Pt.2

15 Oct, 2006

Accessing the PICAXE Net Server via the internet

Review: The CarChip E/X

17 Oct, 2006

This Brilliant little device plugs straight into your car's On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) port and logs all sorts of data

A 12V Digital Timer using a 240v Timer Module

19 Oct, 2006

240V timers are very cheap these days. 12V timers are not so cheap. So why not use the "innards" out of a 240V timer and make a very flexible 12V timer?

Circuit Notebook

21 Oct, 2006

Interesting circuit ideas which we have checked but not built and tested. Contributions from readers are welcome and will be paid for at standard rates.

Infrared Remote Extender for IR remote controlled equipment

23 Oct, 2006

This simple device lets you operate your CD/DVD player, set-top box (even the newest ones!), VCR or other program source using its remote control from another room in the house. It receives the signal from the remote control and relays this to the other room via a 2-wire cable. An infrared LED then retransmits the signal to your remote controlled equipment.

Ask Silicon Chip  - 7 Oct, 2006

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