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Vintage Radio

1 Nov, 2007

Pocket-sized valve portable radios. During the era before transistors took over, manufacturers went to extraordinary lengths to produce portable valve radio receivers. None went further than the Japanese, although their miniature valve portable receivers were never marketed in Australia.

Publisher's Letter

1 Nov, 2007

Now for the next 20 years

Playback Adaptor For CD-ROM Drives

1 Nov, 2007

Ever wanted to use an old CD-ROM drive as a CD player for audio playback? Now you can do it, with this nifty CD-ROM Playback Adapter. It can control one or two CD-ROM drives and has an infrared remote control. A 16x2 line LCD screen provides track information and other data.


1 Nov, 2007

Letters and emails should contain complete name, address and daytime phone number. Letters to the Editor are submitted on the condition that Silicon Chip Publications Pty Ltd may edit and has the right to reproduce in electronic form and communicate these letters. This also applies to submissions to "Ask SILICON CHIP" and "Circuit Notebook".

PIC-Based Water-Tank Level Meter; Pt.1

1 Nov, 2007

Looking for a water tank level meter that's easy to install? One that's accurate but doesn't need a complicated in-tank sensor? This PIC-based unit uses a pressure sensor to monitor water level and it displays tank level at the press of a switch. It can also send its readings to a base station with an LCD readout via an RF link.

Serviceman's Log

1 Nov, 2007

Some days bad things just happen. A fire can occur at any time and when it does, recovering valuable data from computer hard drives can be a real challenge.

Rolling Code Security System; Pt.2

1 Nov, 2007

Last month, we described the circuitry and gave the PC board assembly details for our new Rolling Code Keyless Entry System. This month, we cover the installation and setting-up procedures and describe the optional SOIC adaptor board, so that you can program the PIC micro out of circuit.

PIC Programmer SCIO Converter

1 Nov, 2007

Programming 18-lead surface-mount SOIC PIC microcontrollers can be a quite difficult because access to the leads is not that easy. This adaptor PC board accepts 18-pin SOIC PIC microcontrollers and plugs directly into a conventional PIC programmer.

A UV Light Box For Making PC Boards

1 Nov, 2007

Even though SILICON CHIP publishes most PC board patterns and/or has them available for download, making your own PC boards has for many been put in the "too hard" basket. Here's one reader's way of producing commercial-quality PC boards at home. He starts off by building an exposure light box with timer.

Electricity-Saving Box

1 Nov, 2007

This all started out when a reader sent us a link to an item being offered on eBay. He wanted to know if the claims were true: could this little device really save money by reducing the amount of power used by your electrical appliances? Have Newton, Ohm, Kirchoff, Thevenin et al been wrong all along?

Circuit NoteBook

1 Nov, 2007

Interesting circuit ideas which we have checked but not built and tested. Contributions from readers are welcome and will be paid for at standard rates.

Your Own Home Recording Studio

1 Nov, 2007

Want to make good-quality audio recordings in your own home? All you need is a PC, a hifi system, a good-quality microphone and some software.

Ask Silicon Chip  - 1 Nov, 2007

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