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Vintage Radio - The simple Aristone M1 4-valve mantel receiver

1 Jan, 2008

The Aristone M1 is a 4-valve superhet receiver that was sold during the late 1950s & early 1960s. Designed for the budget end of the market, it was typical of the re-badged sets that appeared during that era.

Publisher's Letter

1 Jan, 2008

Electrical energy will cost more in the future


1 Jan, 2008

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Denon DCD-700AE compact disk player

1 Jan, 2008

Now that DVD players are being made in the squillions and are very cheap, there are few hifi manufacturers actually making CD players. Denon is one of the few makers and their products are highly prized. The Denon DCD-700AE CD player is a high quality machine which provides the bonus of pitch control and being able to play MP3 disks.

Emergency 12V Lighting Controller

1 Jan, 2008

This easy-to-build project automatically turns on the power for 12V emergency lights within a second or two of a mains power failure. Build it and you won't have to search for candles or your torch in the event of a blackout.

Build The "Aussie-3" Valve AM Radio

1 Jan, 2008

So you thought valve technology was dead! Well it is - but we have exhumed enough of it to produce a 3-valve radio which has quite a respectable performance. It is a superheterodyne circuit, based entirely on readily available components. It is suitable for moderately-experienced constructors - even those who've never touched a valve in their lives!

PIC-Controlled Swimming Pool Alarm

1 Jan, 2008

Reduce the possibility of a drowning in your swimming pool. If someone falls in, an excruciatingly loud siren sounds.

The Minispot 455kHz Modulated Oscillator

1 Jan, 2008

The Minispot produces a 455kHz carrier waveform which is amplitude-modulated with a 500Hz tone. You can use it to align the intermediate frequency (IF) stages of any AM broadcast or shortwave radio.

PICAXE VSM: The PICAXE Circuit Simulator!

1 Jan, 2008

Ever wondered whether your latest scathingly brilliant PICAXE project idea would actually work? Well, now you can find out before you build it, with the new PICAXE circuit simulator software! Mr PICAXE, Clive Seager, talks us through the latest PICAXE software offering from Revolution Education.

Water Tank Level Meter, Pt.3: The Base Station

1 Jan, 2008

Designed to team with up to 10 Water Tank Level Meters, this Base Station lets you monitor water levels from a remote location (eg, inside your home). As a bonus, it also includes an option for electric pump control.

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