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Digital Radio Is Coming, Pt.1

4 Feb, 2009

Digital radio broadcasts will finally start in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney on 1st May with 71 radio stations (ABC, SBS & commercial) on ten DAB+ transmitters. This is the first of a series of articles giving you the details on this complex and completely new radio broadcast medium.

Publisher's Letter

5 Feb, 2009


5 Feb, 2009

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Review: LeCroy Waverunner 104Mxi Digital Scope

6 Feb, 2009

LeCroy's WaveRunner 104Mxi is a 4-channel digital oscilloscope which operates under Windows XP. You can configure and run the scope using either a USB mouse or via the touch screen. In fact, most of the time you can completely ignore the front panel controls and just use the mouse.

2.4GHz DSS Radio Control Systems

9 Feb, 2009

There is a revolution sweeping across the R/C model scene which will bring great improvements in reliability. In a little over two years, 2.4GHz DSS radio control systems have begun to dominate. It is now common to see over 50% of all transmitters in the transmitter pound sporting those little black antennas.

Tempmaster Electronic Thermostat Mk.2

11 Feb, 2009

Want to convert an old chest-type freezer into an energy-efficient fridge? Or convert a spare standard fridge into an excellent wine cooler? These are just two of the jobs this low-cost and easy-to-build electronic thermostat has been designed to do. It can also be used to control 12V fridges or freezers, as well as heaters in hatcheries and fish tanks. It controls the fridge/freezer or heater directly via their power cables, so there's no need to modify their internal wiring.

10A Universal Motor Speed Controller, Mk.2

13 Feb, 2009

This latest speed controller can be used with power tools and appliances rated up to 10A. It is suitable for use with brush-type universal motors such as those in small lathes, electric drills, grass trimmers, circular saws, routers, nibblers and jigsaws.

Programmable Time Delay Flash Trigger

18 Feb, 2009

Want to try your hand at 'stop motion' photography, where dynamic events such as a match bursting into flame, a drop splashing into a container of liquid or a projectile passing through a light globe, are captured at a crucial moment? Here's a project designed specifically for this kind of work. It lets you trigger your electronic flash at the precise moment for a great picture.

Multi-Purpose Car Scrolling Display, Pt.3

20 Feb, 2009

In Pt.3 this month, we describe how the Multi-Purpose Car Scrolling Display is connected to the car and used. It's driven using a simple command-line program.

Vintage Radio

24 Feb, 2009

This month, we take a look at an interesting museum that's dedicated to the display of ex'Australian Army radio equipment. It's not often that you get the chance to see a collection of military communications gear.

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