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Publisher's Letter

1 Feb, 2010

Review: Agilent U1732A Digital LCR Meter

3 Feb, 2010

Agilent Technologies has just released a new addition to its range of affordable handheld test and measuring instruments: the U1732A handheld Digital LCR meter. Designed for testing and measuring almost any kind of passive component (L, C or R) quickly, easily and accurately - on the bench or in the field, it is priced at a level much lower than Agilent's existing LCR meters.

An OBDII Interface For A Laptop Computer

5 Feb, 2010

If you have a laptop PC you can build your own OBDII interface so you can access all the information available to a dedicated hand-held scan tool but at a much lower cost. Not only can you access all the fault codes in your car's ECU but you can then store them in your laptop for future reference.

A Look At Automotive On-Board Diagnostics

7 Feb, 2010

You may not know it but your late-model car has an astonishing array of sensors to make sure that its engine and electronic systems all run at peak efficiency, while keeping emissions to a minimum. This increasing use of electronics in vehicles has also lead to improvements in the way a vehicle can be maintained. With On Board Diagnostics (OBD), the performance of critical engine components can be easily monitored.


9 Feb, 2010

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A Milliohm Adaptor For Digital Multimeters

11 Feb, 2010

Do you occasionally need to measure very low resistances accurately but don't have access to an expensive benchtop Milliohm Meter or DMM? This low-cost adaptor will let you use almost any DMM to make accurate low-resistance measurements.

Vintage Radio

13 Feb, 2010

A great variety of valve receivers were designed and produced for the domestic market in Australia. These ranged from complex, multiband receivers to relatively simple sets designed for the bottom end of the market. This little receiver falls into the latter category and although it's a reasonable performer, it could have been much better.

Internet Time Display Module For The WIB

15 Feb, 2010

Looking for a really accurate clock? This simple add-on board for the WIB (Web Server In A Box) displays the time and date, as gathered from an internet time server. You can use it as a clock you never need to adjust and it can even be configured in the WIB to automatically adjust for daylight saving time.

Saving The Whales With The Aussie Pinger

23 Feb, 2010

Each year around the world enormous numbers of marine mammals are caught in both commercial fishing nets and the shark nets protecting our beaches. Now an Australian company has come up with a way to warn cetaceans - dolphins, porpoises and soon whales ? away from nets and hopefully save many of these magnificent creatures from becoming what is euphemistically known as "by-catch".

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