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Publisher's Letter

1 Apr, 2010

Circuit Notebook

3 Apr, 2010

Interesting circuit ideas which we have checked but not built and tested. Contributions from readers are welcome and will be paid for at standard rates.

3D TV Is Here At Last!

5 Apr, 2010

The world of 3D television, photography, movies, scientific tools and prints is finally here. After primitive attempts at 3D for many, many years, top-quality three-dimensional imaging is now available for all.


7 Apr, 2010

Letters and emails should contain complete name, address and daytime phone number. Letters to the Editor are submitted on the condition that Silicon Chip Publications Pty Ltd may edit and has the right to reproduce in electronic form and communicate these letters. This also applies to submissions to "Ask SILICON CHIP" and "Circuit Notebook".

Capacitor Leakage Adaptor For DMMs

9 Apr, 2010

Here's a cut-down version of the Digital Capacitor Leakage Meter we described in December 2009. Instead of using a PIC microcontroller and an LCD panel to display the leakage current, this version connects to your DMM to provide the readout. It provides the same range of seven different standard test voltages (from 10V to 100V) and can measure leakage currents down to 100 nanoamps!

FAQs On The Web Server In A Box (WIB)

11 Apr, 2010

The Web Server In a Box (WIB) project has been very popular and lots of kits have been built. Here we collect a number of frequently asked questions that may help anyone experiencing difficulties in building and setting up the WIB. We also provide the answers to some common technical questions and feature requests.

A 1000:1 EHT Probe

13 Apr, 2010

Do you need to measure the EHT voltage in a CRT-based scope, computer monitor or TV receiver, or perhaps in a photocopier, laser printer or microwave oven? You'll need an EHT probe to suit your digital multimeter (DMM) to do this and you'll find they are pretty pricey. Not to worry though, because here's one you can build for less than $40.

Review: PICOTEST M3510A 61/2-Digit Multimeter

16 Apr, 2010

The M3510A is a fast, accurate 6? digit bench-top multimeter with 4-wire resistance measurement, thermocouple support and a USB interface. Its maximum ratings are 1000V DC and 10A and it can take up to 50,000 readings per second.

Ask Silicon Chip

17 Apr, 2010

Got a technical problem? Can't understand a piece of jargon or some technical principle? Drop us a line and we'll answer your question. Write to: Ask Silicon Chip, PO Box 139, Collaroy Beach, NSW 2097 or send an email to

Arduino-Compatible I/O Controller

19 Apr, 2010

Want to control something - anything - with commands from your PC? Perhaps turn sprinklers on and off to water your garden? Maybe read some sensors? Or even sequencing Christmas tree lights in time with music? (OK, so we're getting in early!) Making the computer output the correct information is one thing. Interfacing that data to control real-word devices is another. That's what this nifty little relay box is all about.

Vintage Radio

21 Apr, 2010

The turn of the 20th century marked the birth of radio but the techniques used were very different from the techniques of today (or even 20 years later). It was the beginning of the ?spark era?, with crude transmitters that relied on spark gaps and equally crude receivers.

Digital Audio Signal Generator, Pt.2

23 Apr, 2010

Last month, we described how the S/PDIF Digital Audio Signal Generator works. This month, we describe how to assemble the PC boards, mount them in the case and check that they are working correctly.

Servicemans Log  - 14 Apr, 2010

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