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Publisher's Letter

1 Mar, 2012


3 Mar, 2012

Letters and emails should contain complete name, address and daytime phone number. Letters to the Editor are submitted on the condition that Silicon Chip Publications Pty Ltd may edit and has the right to reproduce in electronic form and communicate these letters. This also applies to submissions to "Ask SILICON CHIP" and "Circuit Notebook".

Interplanetary Voice... and never be caught out, out of your galaxy... again!

5 Mar, 2012

Impersonate a Robot, a Droid or one of the many known interplanetary aliens such as Daleks, Cybermen, Klingons, Cylons or even Darth Vader... build this

Vintage Radio

7 Mar, 2012

Atwater Kent Radios - quality with mass market appeal

Ask Silicon Chip

9 Mar, 2012

Got a technical problem? Can't understand a piece of jargon or some technical principle? Drop us a line and we'll answer your question. Write to: Ask Silicon Chip, PO Box 139, Collaroy Beach, NSW 2097 or send an email to

Circuit Notebook

11 Mar, 2012

Interesting circuit ideas which we have checked but not built and tested. Contributions will be paid for at standard rates. All submissions should include full name, address & phone number.

12/24V MPPT Solar Charge Controller Rev.1

13 Mar, 2012

SemTest: A Discrete Semiconductor Test Set; Pt.2

15 Mar, 2012

Check all those semiconductors in your collection with this easy-to-build test set!

Serviceman's Log

17 Mar, 2012

Lots of reasons for internet problems

Review: Audio Precision APx525 Audio Analyser

19 Mar, 2012

SILICON CHIP has a long record of using the latest available instruments to validate our designs - typical of this has been our use of the Audio Precision System One to measure all our high performance audio designs. This month we review the latest such instrument from Audio Precision, the APx525.

Q & A On The MPPT Solar Charger

25 Mar, 2012

While we know that our revised MPPT Solar Charge Controller will be welcomed by many readers who had requested improvements, there are bound to be other questions, like "Can we now push the revised design to handle more solar panels?" The answers could be yes, no and maybe, as demonstrated by this selection of recent questions from readers. . .

Ultra-LD Mk.3 135W/Channel Sterio Amplifier, Pt.1

27 Mar, 2012

Chassis assembly and wiring details

Vertical Farms

31 Mar, 2012

A vision of factory farming in the 21st century

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