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Publisher's Letter

1 Nov, 2012

Circuit Notebook

3 Nov, 2012

Interesting circuit ideas which we have checked but not built and tested. Contributions will be paid for at standard rates. All submissions should include full name, address & phone number.

The CLASSiC-D, Part 1

5 Nov, 2012

World's first DIY high-power high-performance Class-D amplifier: 250Ω into 4Ω; 150W into 8Ω


7 Nov, 2012

Letters and emails should contain complete name, address and daytime phone number. Letters to the Editor are submitted on the condition that Silicon Chip Publications Pty Ltd may edit and has the right to reproduce in electronic form and communicate these letters. This also applies to submissions to "Ask SILICON CHIP" and "Circuit Notebook".

Sacrifice Your Sacrificial Anode

9 Nov, 2012


High-Energy Electronic Ignition System For Cars, Pt.1

11 Nov, 2012

This new circuit improves upon our very popular high energy electronic ignition system. It uses an IGBT ignition driver rather than the expensive high-voltage Darlington used in our previous designs. You can use it to replace a failed ignition module or to upgrade a mechanical ignition system when restoring a vehicle.

LED Musicolour: Light Up Your Music, Pt.2

13 Nov, 2012

The new LED Musicolour makes building a spectacular light and music show easier than ever. In this second and final instalment, we explain how to build and test the unit and also detail how you can control it.

Serviceman's Log

15 Nov, 2012

Un-bricking a Samsung smartphone

Review: Agilent U1233A DMM WIth Bluetooth Adaptor

17 Nov, 2012

This 6000-count true RMS multimeter has a built-in non-contact voltage detector, low impedance voltage measurement mode and the option of a Bluetooth communication module for wireless data logging.

Hacking A Mini Wireless Web Server Pt.1

19 Nov, 2012

For about $30, you can have a tiny, low-power web/email server with WiFi, Ethernet and USB. And with a bit of extra circuitry, it can even monitor voltages and control some relays.

A Seriously Bright 20W LED Floodlight

21 Nov, 2012

Last February, we published a DIY 10W LED Floodlight, which has been enormously popular. We said that one was almost blinding - but to paraphrase Croc Dundee, that's not bright. THIS one is BRIGHT!

Vintage Radio

23 Nov, 2012

The HMV A13B 4-Valve Twin-Chassis Mantel

Ask Silicon Chip

25 Nov, 2012

Got a technical problem? Can't understand a piece of jargon or some technical principle? Drop us a line and we'll answer your question. Write to: Ask Silicon Chip, PO Box 139, Collaroy Beach, NSW 2097 or send an email to

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