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Review: Agilent U1233A DMM WIth Bluetooth Adaptor

17 November 2012

This 6000-count true RMS multimeter has a built-in non-contact voltage detector, low impedance voltage measurement mode and the option of a Bluetooth communication module for wireless data logging.

Sacrifice Your Sacrificial Anode

09 November 2012


The CLASSiC-D, Part 1

05 November 2012

World's first DIY high-power high-performance Class-D amplifier: 250Ω into 4Ω; 150W into 8Ω

Review: Micronix MSA438 3.3GHz Spectrum Analyser

17 October 2012

This portable/hand-held instrument can run from mains or for up to four hours on an optional Lithium-ion battery. It has multiple measurement modes, USB flash drive support, PC connectivity (also USB) and an automatic signal finder mode. Its average noise level is -127dBm.

HAARP: Researching The Ionosphere

10 October 2012

If you believe the conspiracy theorists, HAARP is a "death ray", it can cause earthquakes, control weather, bring down aircraft . . . even cause buildings to disintegrate. But as we shall see, HAARP, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program facility in Alaska is a highly useful and promising research centre.

Electric Remotely Piloted Aircraft... With Wings

03 October 2012

In August, we looked at the burgeoning field of multi-rotor RPAs and SGMAs. But long before multi-rotor aircraft had enough computer grunt to actually keep them in the air, conventional (ie, fixed-wing) electric-powered model aircraft were being flown by radio control.

The HRSA's 30th Birthday

20 September 2012

Australia's largest exhibition of Vintage Radios: It's on this month in Melbourne: 22-23 September at the Springvale Town Hall. We'll see you there!

Review: iModela 3-Axis CNC Router/Mill

19 September 2012

Looking for a small computer-controlled router/mill? This one won't break the bank but has quite a wide range of uses, from cutting 3D objects out of soft materials through to engraving metal and making PCBs - not just the tracks but the holes as well.

Review: Virtins Technology Multi-Instrument 3.2

07 September 2012

PC based virtual instrument software

Electronex: The Latest Smart Electronics

05 September 2012

Electronex returns to Sydney's Australian Technology Park from 12-13th September and entry is free for SILICON CHIP readers

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