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A Seriously Bright 20W LED Floodlight

21 November 2012

Last February, we published a DIY 10W LED Floodlight, which has been enormously popular. We said that one was almost blinding - but to paraphrase Croc Dundee, that's not bright. THIS one is BRIGHT!

Hacking A Mini Wireless Web Server Pt.1

19 November 2012

For about $30, you can have a tiny, low-power web/email server with WiFi, Ethernet and USB. And with a bit of extra circuitry, it can even monitor voltages and control some relays.

LED Musicolour: Light Up Your Music, Pt.2

13 November 2012

The new LED Musicolour makes building a spectacular light and music show easier than ever. In this second and final instalment, we explain how to build and test the unit and also detail how you can control it.

High-Energy Electronic Ignition System For Cars, Pt.1

11 November 2012

This new circuit improves upon our very popular high energy electronic ignition system. It uses an IGBT ignition driver rather than the expensive high-voltage Darlington used in our previous designs. You can use it to replace a failed ignition module or to upgrade a mechanical ignition system when restoring a vehicle.

Wireless Remote Control For The Barking Dog Blaster

25 October 2012

Don't waste time going to the start button; just instantly press the button on a hand-held remote to trigger the unit and shut the mutt up.

Colour Maximite Microcomputer, Pt.2

24 October 2012

Building the unit and using its new sound & colour features

The Nick-Off Bad Cat Deterrent

17 October 2012

Do you have a miscreant "puddy-tat" that likes to jump on kitchen benches (or worse)? It can be a real problem, especially at night when no-one is looking. The Nick-Off Cat Deterrent (aka the Ted-Off) is the perfect solution. It uses an infrared sensor to detect said cat and triggers an answering machine to play back simulated, demented barking. It also lights two white LEDs which form the eyes of an angry dog.

Reverse Loop Controller For DCC Model Railways

11 October 2012

Another project for DCC Model Railway enthusiasts...

LED Musicolour: Light Up Your Music, Pt.1

10 October 2012

Now you can have a kaleidoscope of colour which continually changes in time to music. This consists of 16 strings of LEDs which are individually controlled by 16 frequency bands. Louder signals in each of those bands means that the respective LED string will be brighter. Use it for a Christmas light show, a disco or just for fun when playing music.

USB Test Instrument Interface For PCs

19 September 2012

With this USB interface you can turn your desktop or laptop PC into a whole suite of test instruments - a 2-channel digital scope, spectrum analyser, AC DMM and frequency counter plus a 2-channel audio signal/function/arbitrary waveform generator. Interested? Read on.

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